Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Model Newf

Hey dogs, well the hospital visiting roster has started up again - I, Kuma, had been doing them for a few years but because the Mamma moved house the rosters had to be cancelled until they put me on a new team in our new area. Well, i told the mamma, I'm NOT GOING in naked - she has to get me a new drool bib cos my old one just ain't cutting anymore. So, trusty ebay to the rescue, and arooooo, i have a new bib and drool towel set. Nanook has one that's a pink tuxedo - she is after all the ballerina princess in residence, but she wouldn't sit still long enough for the mamma to take a nice photo - sigh.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spa Day Retreat - Newf Style

Oh dogs, after having to endure going
under the knife, there's nothing quite
like a bit of spa therapy to lift a girls
spirits, and check it out dogs, did i lap
it up or what. The Mamma decided that
after the scare I gave her, I, Kuma, was
in dire need of some pampering. Sooooo,
while she took Nookers out for some one
on one time at the park, playing with the
pelicans and ducks, I got down to
business, and boy was business good ....

Mamma's Note: May West is DEFINITELY back in town

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I am the man-eater Nanook of Oz, Grrrrrr!
All bike riding peoples of the world beware,

I am tough, I am a man-eater!!!

* Mamma's Note (too busy rolling around on the floor dying of laughter)

* Kuma's Note (cough cough, splutter, insert laughter here)

Ok, maybe not a maneater, but dogs check out
what some silly human left lying on the ground at
the park. I took one look at it and decided it was
definitely toy-worthy, and MOST DEFINITELY
coming home with me, where i then set about on
my mission of totally destroying it ....

Woaahhhh Duuuuude !

Hey dogs, Kuma here, oh man oh man, i tell you what dogs, the V.E.T put me on this medication while i was in the hospital, something called morphine, and duuuuuuude, it's awesome! The mamma assures me i'm all better now, just have to wait for the stitches to heal up and in two weeks i'll be back to my old hip-swishing ways , till then, woofs and tail wags,
Kuma (aka May West)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Holy smokes dogs I ALMOST DIED !!!!!!!!!!!!

The mamma came home from the work place today, took one look at my newfy eyes and just knew there was trouble. Usually i'm very happy, boisterous and up for a cuddle and a jump around, even for my grand years of 9, but today i just couldn't do it, i was just feeling miserable and just wanted to crawl under the mamma's doona, and she could tell. Sooooo, into the car we went, and a 20 minute drive to the animal hospital, the mamma didn't even want to bother with the regular vet as she knew we wouldn't make it before they closed. I got to meet a new V.E.T. who was very nice, although a little too forward for our first date, he kept checking under my tail - how rude, i'm a lady !!!!!!!!!!!!

He told the mamma it would be straight onto a drip, and in the morning they were going to "prep me", i think they're doing a photo shoot ?

Anyways, he said that the reason my tummy wasn't feeling so good was something called pylo, you'll have to forgive the spelling, i'm just saying what i hear. Apparently i'm going to get spayed tomorrow, as they have to get rid of all the gunk upsetting my tummy. I'm hoping that doesn't spoil my hip swishing, the mamma has given me many assurances that it won't and that the boys will still be driven mad by my swishiness.

Well, stay tuned for updates on whether "i've still got it"

Until then Newfy licks to all

Kuma (aka boof head bear, aka May West)

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Return Of Madam Stinky-Ear

Well dogs, i'm in trouble!!! The bacteria thingies are back and my ear is once again stinking up a storm and causing the mamma all sorts of grief. What's worse, the V.E.T. hospital will once again have to be visited! I heard the Mamma on the phone making an appointment with the V.E.T who did my ear wash, i'm going to be put back on the tablets - DOH !!!!!

At least I won't have to worry about it for another week, the mamma couldn't get me in before then

Until then, I remain (I hope) your fav newfalicious oz Newf

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's amazing how breakfast being dangled infront of ones newfy eyes can make one focus.....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm a big newf now !!!!!!!!!!!

Well dogs, it had to happen some time, the Mamma decided that no more playing in the juvie hall section of the school, it was time, shock horrors, to get serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I, Nannok of Oz, have been doing obedience now since october last year, and have been doing the classes sooooooo well, that the mamma decided to up the ante, whatever that means. She decided to let Kuma skip her class today, and, instead, put ME in that class, just to see how i'd cope. Well, apart from being desperate to join in the kindy class because THEY HAD ALL THE SQUEAKERS, i did really good. I even got to practice something called a "long distance stay", my first ever, and apart from getting up - i was left on a drop - i DIDN'T BREAK! The mamma was soooo super proud she gave me the biggest hug ever when she finally came out of the little club room the humans were all hiding in - i think they were conspiraring to hide all the bickies and squeakers personally, but apparently it was all part of the exercise, they had to hide, while we had to all stay put like little soldiers until they came back.

After that, the mamma took Kuma and I down to the local cafe for lunch, where we both got lots of hugs and cuddles from the peoples going by, some even stopped and asked the mamma if they could use their phones to have their pictures taken with us - we're celebridogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Camp Out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haroooo, the Mamma gave us a huge treat over the weekend, she came home from work on friday, much later than usual i might add, and came straight out in the backyard and called Nanook and I over, and said "girls, wanna go camping this weekend", well, Nanook and I looked at each other and it was unanimous - we jumped straight into the back of the car and gave the Mamma a look that said exactly what we were thinking "whatcha waiting for woman - let's get cracking!!!!"

It was sooooo much fun, she took us to a spot with a river, and kookaburras and kangaroos and EVERYTHING, it was awesome, we got three days (It was a long weekend here in oz) of nothing but getting muddy and slimy and swimming, yeeaaah !!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Who needs toys ????

Well, the mamma took Kuma and I for walkies in the park today, and we were sooooo excited about going walkies, because we didn't get to go yesterday because it was tooo wet for the Mamma, hmmmph i say, I LOVE THE WET, as any smart newf would. Well, people's you will never guess what happened at the park, go on, try, you never will. I was trotting around the park - i don't do the gallop like my sister - day dreaming about what new toy the mamma might buy for us, and guess what dogs, my dreams were answered!!! Some silly human didn't throw away their plastic bottle of water away properly - silly human, and when i picked it up to have a look at it, my breathe went into the funny little pipe thingy on the end, and the bottle made a sound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, you know me and squeakers, that was it, it was my brand new toy, and i went around the park showing all the people's my new toy!!! I got soooo many hugs and kisses on the nose, it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here i am looking for the people to show off my new toy to ....

Of Course, every squeaker serves only one purpose, to be chewed up and anihalated, which of course, is exactly what i did once i finished showing my new toy to everyone ....


Toy Boy Nanook, this bootylicous pic is for you (I think it's my best side, personally, even if i don't have the May West Swishing Hips of my big sis Kuma)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Paris Hilton Eat Your Heart Out!!

Oh Heavens dogs, what a day, first, the mamma took us to school, and she thought I was soooooooo super good at my long distance stay (I was the only one that DIDN'T break!!) that she couldn't help but take a picture of me, then, the class all went down to the local shopping strip, which is something our class hasn't done in a long time. Apparently, it's supposed to teach us to stay nice and quiet on a drop under the tables at the outdoor cafes, and NOT BEG FOR FOOD. I tell you, i can't help it if the other patrons take one look at my newfalicous eyes, fall in love and start sneaking me treats when the mamma isn't looking.

Anyways, After we had finished all that, and the mamma put Nanook through her class, it was back home again. But once the mamma had done her floor sucking thing, and then put the clothes in the big box full of water, she came back out, put us back into the car, and we got to go for a short ride, where there were heaps and heaps of GIANTS!!! I think they were newfs on steroids, but the Mamma said they're something called horses. Anyway, we got to go out for our first ride with our brother Argo, he's old, and doesn't run too much, which is great for us cos he's got longer legs (can you imagine!), and otherwise it'd be just too much work for us to keep up with him. I tell you, it was such a great day, I told the mamma that EVERY day should be like this one, but she told us that unfortunantely, if we want the good stuff in our bellies, she has to work at least SOME of the week, hmmmmph, where's the lotto when you need it ??!!!

This is what tired looks like.......

A Newf Brother ?????

Oh my god my peoples, the Mamma, shame on her, has been leading, wait for it, A DOUBLE LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will never in a newfillion years guess what happened, go on, huh huh huh???

Well, I"LL TELL YOU !!!

The Mamma had gone out, and when she came back, instead of going in through the front door, as per normal in our old house, as it had no side gate, she came in through the garage door straight into the back yard to give us a hard earned newf sandwich cuddle, but she smelled very very strange, like fresh mowed grass, hay, and something sweet like honey, but not honey. Well, Nanook and I consulted each other, and we just couldn't work out what on earth it could possibly be, when all of a sudden, a big truck came up the street, and parked right in front of our house !!!

It had a funny looking trailer thing attached to the back of it, and there was a strange noise coming out of the back, like SOMETHING BIG WAS IN THERE !!!!!

Well, the mamma said to us, as she saw our puzzled little expressions, "guess what my girls, you finally get to meet your BIG BROTHER !!!!!!!!!!"

Well, nanook started doing her puppy bounce - i keep telling her it ISN'T DIGNIFIED - she's 7 !!

I, on the other hand, got down to the business of trying to get in to see our brother, when all of a sudden the big man driving the truck pushed a button, and these strange sounds started coming out of the bottom and back of the truck, well, i didn't need to be told twice, i went straight back up the driveway and waited by the front of the garage thank you very much, where i still had a very good view of what was going on. Nanook was stuck looking through the side gate, as she just got hyped up by the suspense of it all.

Well, you'll never ever ever ever guess what happened next my people, have a look at the photo the man took for the mamma, dogs you will not beleive your eyes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And now for the tragic news .....

Well, we knew our rule of the kingdom wouldn't last forever, but now, horror of horrors, our peaceful kingdom has been overthrown by the local over-lords, they're an evil trio, who rule with an iron claw, and laugh as we run away cowering for the mamma's protection, we now produce they're photos, so that you may all tremble in awe at the gods we had prayed we had left behind in the move, but we find we are once again forced to bow down to. I give you the Micah, Loki, and the queen of their tyranny, Salem ...

I'm 50 !!!!!!!!!!! Well, sort of.....

Oh my god my peoples guess what - it was my birthday, i'm now a grand 9yrs old, so the Mamma figured it was only fitting for someone of my wondernewfness, that i should have a 50th birthday party thrown in my honour, with cake, balloons, presents and all, yeaaaaaaaaah me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you look close enough at my ears, you can even see the little pink ribbons (with little yellow smiley faces of course) that i had in my hair, oh what a day!

We're Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the Mamma has ALOT of making-up to do, she's been sooooo super busy this past month, what with renovating the new house, and helping to organise not one, but TWO weddings, then of course, attending them, that she hasn't given us time on the computer to talk to our friends !!!!!!!! Hmmmph, but i guess we'll have to forgive her. Well, we (the Mamma, and I - Kuma) had a Nanook free day!!! Nanook (who shall forever be known as Madam Stinky-ear in my book) had an over-night visit at the vet, to have her ear washed out, so the Mamma, in her first step of pennance for her terrible neglect to the wonder of me, took me for a trip to the beach, and check it out people, boy did i have fun, who needs stick-figure models, i put them all to shame .......

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well, I was a brave girl last night. I didn't even complain once when Mamma put me in the car and drove me to the vet. Of course, though, i firmly beleive that if you can't see it, it doesn't exist. Sooooo, when the vet came into the consult room with a tray, i JUST KNEW i was in for a shot, and of course what does any smart newf do in a situation like that?
That's right, the head went burried under Mamma's arm!!!!
Wouldn't you know it though, i just ended up embarrassing myself - there was no shot, just a clean up of the hotspot with a bit of solution - which actually felt pretty darn good! I even ended up making up with the vet and giving her a big sloppy one all the way from her eyebrows to her chin, hee hee hee, score one for the newf!!!
Well, woofs and tailwags to all,
Nanook (aka NookyNoo)

After all the playtime though, it was, of course, newf nap time

NEWF TOY !!!!!!!!!!

Wow people, there's nothing quite like the taste of live squirrel to wake you up. Now, before you go getting all worried and thinking we've gone Cujo on you, we're talking of course about the new toy Mamma bought us off e-bay. Yep, you got it, the hide-a-squirrel arrived in the mail today. Ohboyohboyohboyohboy !!!
Kuma's Note: Nanook got so excited just seeing the box! After Mamma opened it up, she carried the empty tree stump around for about 15 minutes, just prancing about with it in her mouth, talk about Diva !
She didn't even notice that I had all three squirrels, hee hee hee
Well, woofs and tailwags everyone,
Kuma and Nanook (aka boofhead and Nookynoo)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Newf Found Friends!

Hi all, thanks to all those that gave us a bark back, it was very exciting, We couldn't beleive it when Mamma told us! We've only just now finished running around in circles and doing our little happy dance.

Oh, and everyone make sure to check out the recipe for icecream on Nanooks and Pooka's blog, it's awesome, Mamma told us all about it and she's going to make it for us this weekend, yuuuuuuuuum! I tell you what, the shoelaces are out in force just hearing about it, there'll definitely be slime-a-plenty come saturday! As you can all see, i've been busy out today, doing the things every Newf should - getting wet cooling off at the beach!
Well woofs and tail wags all,

Monday, April 7, 2008

I"m In Loooooove!!!!!!

Oh my god my peoples, I"M IN LOVE!!! Mamma has just shown me a photo of one of our new friends from the States - Nanook, that's him up top - ok i know it was fate, us having the same names and all, but HOT DAWG he's a handsome devil. Mamma literally had to pick me up off the floor, as you can see from the photo.

The best thing is though - he has the same problem as me - his brother Pooka keeps stealing his girlfriends. Well, my SISTER Kuma keeps nabbing all the boys that we meet - she's got the whole swishing hips thing going - Mamma doesn't call her May West for nothin, she's a shy one, that sis of mine....

Anyways, i'm off to the vet now. I've developed a neat trick of developing hot spots, and Mamma says that no matter how yucky they are, I HAVE to take the tablets and have the cream put on -

Mamma's Note: Yes Darls, you do

I'm being brave about it all, but it's still fun to try and spit the tablets out of the side of my mouth when Mamma isn't looking,

Well, woofs and tail wags to all,


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hmff, well, Mamma took us out to the park today for walkies, just like she said she would, she's definitely a mamma of her word, that one, but you know what? Just because we were there for quite a while, and she got hungry (it WAS dinner time, after all), she decided to get take out on the way home - and DIDN'T share! Well, i tell you what, there was slime-a-plenty going on that's for sure. Between me and Nooks, we definitely made her pay for not sharing her dinner! I mean, after all, what's a hungry newf to do when there's great smelling food afoot, and it's not shared out!
Well, we're off to have our own dinner now,
woofs and tail wags,

Mamma's note: Hee Hee, ok boofhead, point taken, now call off the slime before i have to call nasa


April 6th 2008

Holy smokes everyone, Mamma has just finally figured out that WE NEED our own blog! After all, howelse is a Newf supposed to meet and greet? Well, this is us, beautiful aren't we (at least we think so).

Mamma's Note: yes, you are.

We're Nanook (up top), and Kuma (on the bottom).

Well, Mamma has just finished moving my sister Nanook and I into our new house, and we've been having loads of fun chasing each other into the local duck pond and getting all slimy and stinky, just the way nature intended! After speaking to our new friends, Pooka and Nanook, all the way over in America, Mamma discovered a new toy, and wouldn't you know it, lucky us, it's on it's way in the post, boy oh boy i can't wait till it arrives and i get to chew it all up. Mamma told us that it's a squeaky hide-a-squirrel, Nooks got all excited when she heard a squeaker was on it's way, she had to do a little happy dance all over the back yard. Mamma and I couldn't stop laughing! She's a bit of a silly one when it comes to squeakers, that sister of mine.

Well i guess i should tell you a little bit about myself shouldn't I? My name is Kuma (mamma told me when i was a little one that it's japanese for bear - fitting huh?). I'm 9 yrs old now, and I LOVE going and meeting all my friends at doggie school, I go every thursday and sunday mornings, i'm a pretty clever girl too, i'm in the "Top Dog Class", i've won trophies thingies and everything! But i don't laze around all day, my job at the moment is as a "Therapy Dog". I go to the local retirement homes, and visit the residents living there. My mamma says she's very proud of me for doing that, as it makes the people living there feel better, me, i just like to be the centre of attention (isn't that what i was born to be?). My mamma says i look like someone called "May West", because when i walk into the centres for my visits, i strutt in with my nose up in the air, and my eyes half shut, and i swish my way down the corridors. I tell you, howelse is a Newf supposed to make an entrance, if not a grand one?

My favourite thing is this new green soft ball that Mamma bought for me and Nooks to share, it's squishy, and hollow, and Mamma buys a chew stick to put through the middle of it, it keeps me busy all day chewing on it, but you know what, no matter HOW HARD I TRY, i can't destroy it! Apparently, that's exactly the reason Mamma bought it, it was advertised as indestructable! Well, you know what, i'm just gonna have to prove them wrong and keep working on it.

Well, i better let Nooks say hello i guess, she's chewing on my ear trying to drag me out of the way, Bye for now.

Hi all, my name is Nanook, finally, i get to say hello to everyone. Man oh Man can Kuma talk! Well anyways, I'm 5 and a half yrs old, and, unlike my sister, the destroyer, MY favourite thing is just to lean up against anyone who'll let me, and get cuddled. I mean, really, who cares about anything else - i tell you, it's all about the love. Second only to cuddles, is the squeakers. There's no such thing as another dog having a squeaker when i can hear or smell it. If i can fit it into my gob, it's mine! And you know the really great thing, when Mamma takes us to school, THERE'S A WHOLE BEACH BAG OF THEM!!!!! Just sitting there, for any smart newf like me to help themselves! Pretty cool huh? For me, that's the ONLY reason to go to school, i'd much rather sit under a nice big tree and chew on a squeaker, let Kuma do all the work, that's what i say!

Well, anyway, i guess we'd better take off for now, Mamma just waved the key thingies and asked the magic question "who's ready for the park", silly i ask you, as if ANY well bred newf needs to BE READY for the park!

Well, woofs and tail wags to everyone,

Kuma and Nooks