Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who's A Pretty Boy Then?

Hey All in dog world, well, i think it's official, the mamma has gone completely nuts, she keeps bringing out this black box thing that makes wierd clicking noises, every time she takes me out anywhere, do you think it might be anything to worry about ??? She also introduced me to these strange things that Kuma & Nanook call "those who must be feared", their names are Loki, Salem & Micah, and apparently they're cats, they look awfully chasable to me ....

I also got introduced to the most wonderous thing, i thought i'd died and gone to puppy heaven, it's called belly scratches !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Diva Is Back In Town

Nanook here, Oh dogs I had the most awesome time ever, the Mamma took me to the Royal Melbourne Show, i've been before to compete in the show ring, but this year, i was there as a therapy dog on behalf of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, so i got all prettied up by the mamma, and got to get cuddled all day long, by the people and got all complimented by everybody about how pretty i was in my therapy dog vest, the mamma said i looked like a diva, cos i had my nose up and my eyes half shut and was just leaning up against everybody for cuddles, i tell you what though, it was very exhausting, i slept all the way home, the mamma said i even snored !!!!!

My First Swim !!!

Hey all in dog world, Bodhi here, aka wicked little monkey, guess what, i discovered the most totally awesome thing today ... water ponds!!!!!!!
The Mamma took me to a different part of the park today, and introduced me to ducks! Well, i took one look at them playing in the water and thought "If they can do it, so can I", and in i went, it was the best, but as you can see, i looked a bit like a drowned rat when the mamma finally convinced me to come back out !!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

OH.MY.DOGS ......

Well, it had to happen sometime we suppose, the mamma came home with the news that we were getting, wait for it - a baby brother !!!!!!!!!!! It seemed like forever that we had to wait, I - Nanook, was up to my usual hyperventilating self, while big sis Kuma was very cool calm and collected, her usual self. Anyways,

he's finally here, and boy is he wicked. His registered name is Krystalcove

Wicked Warlock, and his collar name is Bodhi. The mamma said we have the big job of teaching him the ropes about being a good boy, and keeping him in line, hmmmph, well i'm all over it cos he's fallen in love with MY TAIL !!!! As soon as the mamma lets him free in the back yard with us girls, he's all over my big white fluffy tail, he thinks it's a cable for heli-skiing or something apparently......

The Mamma has already introduced him to OUR Favourite place - The Chocolate Room. She said he was very very good and didn't beg once for a big of food, hmmph, well I've never heard of THAT, but oh dogs, it's heaven, they make the yummiest coffee and hot chocolates, and their cakes, according to the mamma, are to die for. We get the big job of making sure that the food doesn't disappear when we go there, it's a big job, you never know when that sneaky plate will grow legs and run away. Kuma keeps telling the mamma all about that, and campaigning for her head to have a permanent place on the edge of the plate, but somehow the mamma isn't buying into it ....

Well, newfie love coming your way, hopefully it won't be sooooo long till out next post,

Kuma, Nanook of Oz, & Bodhi

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's A Beach Party

Oh dogs, the heat, we poor poor newfs were not meant to even comprehend what 40 degrees is, much less live through almost a weeks worth of mid 40 degree weather !!!!!!!!!!!! Well as every four pawed out there in the bloggsphere knows, there's no better way to beat the heat waves then catching a few waves, and boy did we lap them up.

Here's me, Kuma, doing my very bestest Jaws immitation, watcha think

Ah, this is the life, nothing beats a good bed of fresh seaweed ....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh The Horror !!!

Hey all in dog world, well the mamma came home with a new present for us today, and boy were we excited. A NEW BED !!! Can you believe it?? Well I, Kuma, was totally excited about having my own futon to lounge about in, but silly old Nanook, well, leave it to her, i'll leave you the jury with the following forensic evidence, a word of warning gentle viewers, the following is not for the faint hearted, hardened csi investigators were witnessed to leave the crime scene with their heads in their hands, tears streaming down their faces, such is the horror of the graphic violence that is to follow ......

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ear Update

Hey all in dog world, great news, the mamma has just finished taking me to the V.E.T, and so far so good, the new wonder meds i'm on seem to be finally doing away with the nasty thingies in my ear, pheeeeeeew. I tell you what, it feels sooooo much better, i've even put on a bit of the weight that i'd lost, which makes the mamma very very happy. She says she still wants me to put on a bit more weight, but she's alot happier with my new heftiness then she had been before.

Well, stayed tuned for further updates,

Lottsa licks and tail wags,

Nanook Of Oz

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a Tuff Life ...

Calling all dogs, calling all dogs, there is a major issue facing us all today.

Look at this face, it is the face of seriousness....

We need to band together for one important reason. It has come to my attention, that the people who make Tuffy Toys have not been canonised !!!!!!

This truly is a crying shame and i am calling on every toy loving dog out there to howl as one and call for this event to come to pass.

But seriously dogs, i have to say, my brand new christmas present, is a one in a million and i have not stopped prancing about with it yet, and, to tell you the truth, i don't plan to in the foreseeable future!!!!

Kuma was having sooooo much fun with hers as well .......


Until Bella got other ideas !!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmph !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Poor Kuma, but then guess what !!!???

She then decided to PINCH MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!


But she didn't really care cos then she remembered about our kong squeaker ball, needless to say there was much newfy frolicking and chomping and squeaking enjoyed by all.

And of course every Newf knows the ONLY way to finish up a good play, is with a nap

Well, until next time, newfy licks to all

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey all in dog world, we're BACK. We're very cross with the mamma for NOT MAKING NEWF TIME, we've been totally jipped cos she's been away on holidays yet again, but hey, she's back on track now and that's what's important.

I tell you what though guys, the mamma has been totally cheating on us while she's been away on holidays - and with a C.A.T of all things !!!!!

Nooks and i went totally nuts when she came to pick us up from the baby sitters, and even more nuts when we smelt her bag - that's when she told us all about it.......

Well, it's summer here in grand old oz, and that means, yep, you guessed it, VISITS TO THE BEACH !!!!!

And not only that - but the pool is out and we're having a great old time diving for dogs. We got the tip from our main newfster boys Nanook and Pooka over in New Jersey, and we totally were not going to miss out, they just looked TOOOO YUMMY.

For those that haven't heard about dog diving, it's when the mamma fills our pools up, and puts in "little boys" or cocktail frankfurts, and dogs we kid you not, there is just NOTHING BETTER, arooooooo.

Anyways, we've been keeping the mamma TOTALLY busy, what with Nanook's stink ear, and my therapy visits (nanook has been put off the roster for now on account of her stinky ear). Poor nanook got dragged to the V.E.T hospital - yet again - this time to see a dermatologist, who told the mamma she would have to go "under the knife" - i don't know what that means but i'm glad it ain't me, to have a shunt put into her ear so the V.E.T can get all the gunk out.

In the mean time, we're having a TOTALLY newfalicious time with our newest buddy - Bella. She's a one year old newfster who's staying with us for a couple of weeks while her humans are on holidays, and she's NUTS. She has just totally taken hold of the kong squeaker ball the mamma bought us, and thinks it's the best thing in the world!!!

We totally scored at christmas too, the mamma bought Nooks and I new hats to wear, and a dental ball - mint flavoured for minty fresh breath, yummmmmm - as well as new squeaker rings from tuffie toys - mine's red with paw prints, while nooks got one with a brick pattern on it. Here's a photo the mamma took of me looking all swishalicious in my new head gear, hey there boys .......

The best thing of all though was New Years Eve, my absolute FAVOURITE time of year. The cuddles are second to none, and oh dogs - the FOOOOOOD !!!!!

The mamma took me - Kuma - into "the city", to see the pretty lights, and there were sooooo many people there having barbeques - i nearly had heart palpitations thinking of how i was going to fit in all that smooching, but i was tooootally up to the task and got the job done. They just thought i was sooo pretty, what with my bib and hat, and the mamma was soooo proud of me, cos i made sure i showed my bestest manners, and didn't even beg for food once - well, i did use the "puppy dog eyes" trick - but if you don't tell her i sure won't.

In the mean time, i'm starting my campaign to get the mamma to give me a "70th" birthday party - seeing as how i'll be 10 in april, i do believe a birthday cake from happy yappers is definitely called for.

Well, we hope we're still your fave newf chicks on the block, even if the mamma has been totally slack in keeping up on the social scene.

Till next time, newf licks to all, and to all a happy new year,

Kuma & Nanook of OZ