Monday, May 24, 2010

The Good Life

Look at this face, it is the face of one who is very very chilled and relaxed .....

As you can see from this most zen of facial expressions, I, Nanook, and my bis sis Kuma, have been very lucky in our mama meeting a new regular at the park who has just finished studying canine myotherapy - doggie massage !!!!!!!!!

Oh dogs, the joy, the joy, i love my massages sooooo much that I almost fall over from leaning so hard. We're lucky enough to get an hour long massage each, once a fortnight! We're supposed to be on a mat, but we can't decide who's lucky enough to get spoiled first, so usually whoever ends up waiting, takes over the mat. Young Bodhi, of course, while we're good girls and don't even need the lead, is on lead with the mama keeping him focused on her, while he stands up on the grooming table, but even he loooooves his massages, and he normally smothers our newf-found friend with slobbery kisses to say thank you when he's all finished!!!

Doggie Massages, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hey all in dog world, Bodhi here, as you can see, i'm getting to look more and more like my big old dad every day, i'm pushing the 40kg mark now, almost as heavy as my mamma, and not too far behind Kuma & Nooks !!!

Well, the Mamma and I went to dog school for our usual sunday morning start, and it turns out I did sooooo well, i'm going to be part of my very first puppy obedience demo-team, aroooooooo !!!!! The mamma was very very proud, and promptly went out and bought me a new squeaky, which of course, is now, sadly, no longer with us (it took Kuma and I 10 minutes before it was officially announce dead - a new record according to the mamma).

This demo should be lots of fun, i've never been part of one before, but I LOOOOVE school, so this should be great, plus it's all for a good cause - to raise money for the disaster relief for the people of Haiti. Nooks and Kuma have been to demos before, and they've given me the heads up that there's usually a sausage sizzle - double aroooooooo, plus an audible drip from the drool coming from both sizes of my mouth !!!!!!

Well, until next time, lots of newf kisses going out into the world from me, Bodhi, and of course, Kuma & Nooks

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey all in dog world, Bodhi here, well, it's summer here downunder, and that means one thing, haircuts !!!!!!!!!! Now, Kuma & Nooks are very used to "going comando" when the hot summer months come round, but i'm only just 8 mths old, and this is my very first summer, so i had no idea what i was in store for when the mamma brought the clippers out. It started out as a normal grooming session, with me being told to go up onto the grooming table, and the mamma giving me a good old brush down, nothing unusual about that. But then...... she brings out this buzzing thing, and dogs, it attacks your coat !!!! Now i was actually a very good boy, and didn't bite at it or anything, which the mamma was very impressed about, she was actually preparing for me to run away when i heard the buzzing, but i was brave.

She thought i was such a good boy, she went out and got me a brand spanking new squeaky toy to destroy .....

She was sooooo very bossy about it though, i mean, she made me go onto a drop stay and everything before she'd let me play with my new toy !

Nooks came over to give me some moral support, but i soooo didn't need it, i've got drop stays covered, and after what felt, like, FOREVER, i got to play with my new toy, arooooooooo

Mmmmm, Chicken, nom nom nom nom nom

But you'll never guess what happened next dogs, one minute, innocent lil old me is playing with my new squeaky, just squeaking away, and the next thing ........

Kuma just strolls up and, like, totally STEALS my new squeaky, like, just steals it right from under me! Should I be calling the police?

I think i definitely have a very good case for Grand Theft Chicken !!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thought For The Day......

Hey there all in dog world, Bodhi here, the mamma has got me into meditation in order to teach me to be a calm boy, and it got me thinking, i really should have a motto, a phrase to describe the way that i want to live my life, and bingo, one of the mamma's friends emailed her this, which I think is perfect .....