Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well, I was a brave girl last night. I didn't even complain once when Mamma put me in the car and drove me to the vet. Of course, though, i firmly beleive that if you can't see it, it doesn't exist. Sooooo, when the vet came into the consult room with a tray, i JUST KNEW i was in for a shot, and of course what does any smart newf do in a situation like that?
That's right, the head went burried under Mamma's arm!!!!
Wouldn't you know it though, i just ended up embarrassing myself - there was no shot, just a clean up of the hotspot with a bit of solution - which actually felt pretty darn good! I even ended up making up with the vet and giving her a big sloppy one all the way from her eyebrows to her chin, hee hee hee, score one for the newf!!!
Well, woofs and tailwags to all,
Nanook (aka NookyNoo)

After all the playtime though, it was, of course, newf nap time

NEWF TOY !!!!!!!!!!

Wow people, there's nothing quite like the taste of live squirrel to wake you up. Now, before you go getting all worried and thinking we've gone Cujo on you, we're talking of course about the new toy Mamma bought us off e-bay. Yep, you got it, the hide-a-squirrel arrived in the mail today. Ohboyohboyohboyohboy !!!
Kuma's Note: Nanook got so excited just seeing the box! After Mamma opened it up, she carried the empty tree stump around for about 15 minutes, just prancing about with it in her mouth, talk about Diva !
She didn't even notice that I had all three squirrels, hee hee hee
Well, woofs and tailwags everyone,
Kuma and Nanook (aka boofhead and Nookynoo)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Newf Found Friends!

Hi all, thanks to all those that gave us a bark back, it was very exciting, We couldn't beleive it when Mamma told us! We've only just now finished running around in circles and doing our little happy dance.

Oh, and everyone make sure to check out the recipe for icecream on Nanooks and Pooka's blog, it's awesome, Mamma told us all about it and she's going to make it for us this weekend, yuuuuuuuuum! I tell you what, the shoelaces are out in force just hearing about it, there'll definitely be slime-a-plenty come saturday! As you can all see, i've been busy out today, doing the things every Newf should - getting wet cooling off at the beach!
Well woofs and tail wags all,

Monday, April 7, 2008

I"m In Loooooove!!!!!!

Oh my god my peoples, I"M IN LOVE!!! Mamma has just shown me a photo of one of our new friends from the States - Nanook, that's him up top - ok i know it was fate, us having the same names and all, but HOT DAWG he's a handsome devil. Mamma literally had to pick me up off the floor, as you can see from the photo.

The best thing is though - he has the same problem as me - his brother Pooka keeps stealing his girlfriends. Well, my SISTER Kuma keeps nabbing all the boys that we meet - she's got the whole swishing hips thing going - Mamma doesn't call her May West for nothin, she's a shy one, that sis of mine....

Anyways, i'm off to the vet now. I've developed a neat trick of developing hot spots, and Mamma says that no matter how yucky they are, I HAVE to take the tablets and have the cream put on -

Mamma's Note: Yes Darls, you do

I'm being brave about it all, but it's still fun to try and spit the tablets out of the side of my mouth when Mamma isn't looking,

Well, woofs and tail wags to all,


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hmff, well, Mamma took us out to the park today for walkies, just like she said she would, she's definitely a mamma of her word, that one, but you know what? Just because we were there for quite a while, and she got hungry (it WAS dinner time, after all), she decided to get take out on the way home - and DIDN'T share! Well, i tell you what, there was slime-a-plenty going on that's for sure. Between me and Nooks, we definitely made her pay for not sharing her dinner! I mean, after all, what's a hungry newf to do when there's great smelling food afoot, and it's not shared out!
Well, we're off to have our own dinner now,
woofs and tail wags,

Mamma's note: Hee Hee, ok boofhead, point taken, now call off the slime before i have to call nasa


April 6th 2008

Holy smokes everyone, Mamma has just finally figured out that WE NEED our own blog! After all, howelse is a Newf supposed to meet and greet? Well, this is us, beautiful aren't we (at least we think so).

Mamma's Note: yes, you are.

We're Nanook (up top), and Kuma (on the bottom).

Well, Mamma has just finished moving my sister Nanook and I into our new house, and we've been having loads of fun chasing each other into the local duck pond and getting all slimy and stinky, just the way nature intended! After speaking to our new friends, Pooka and Nanook, all the way over in America, Mamma discovered a new toy, and wouldn't you know it, lucky us, it's on it's way in the post, boy oh boy i can't wait till it arrives and i get to chew it all up. Mamma told us that it's a squeaky hide-a-squirrel, Nooks got all excited when she heard a squeaker was on it's way, she had to do a little happy dance all over the back yard. Mamma and I couldn't stop laughing! She's a bit of a silly one when it comes to squeakers, that sister of mine.

Well i guess i should tell you a little bit about myself shouldn't I? My name is Kuma (mamma told me when i was a little one that it's japanese for bear - fitting huh?). I'm 9 yrs old now, and I LOVE going and meeting all my friends at doggie school, I go every thursday and sunday mornings, i'm a pretty clever girl too, i'm in the "Top Dog Class", i've won trophies thingies and everything! But i don't laze around all day, my job at the moment is as a "Therapy Dog". I go to the local retirement homes, and visit the residents living there. My mamma says she's very proud of me for doing that, as it makes the people living there feel better, me, i just like to be the centre of attention (isn't that what i was born to be?). My mamma says i look like someone called "May West", because when i walk into the centres for my visits, i strutt in with my nose up in the air, and my eyes half shut, and i swish my way down the corridors. I tell you, howelse is a Newf supposed to make an entrance, if not a grand one?

My favourite thing is this new green soft ball that Mamma bought for me and Nooks to share, it's squishy, and hollow, and Mamma buys a chew stick to put through the middle of it, it keeps me busy all day chewing on it, but you know what, no matter HOW HARD I TRY, i can't destroy it! Apparently, that's exactly the reason Mamma bought it, it was advertised as indestructable! Well, you know what, i'm just gonna have to prove them wrong and keep working on it.

Well, i better let Nooks say hello i guess, she's chewing on my ear trying to drag me out of the way, Bye for now.

Hi all, my name is Nanook, finally, i get to say hello to everyone. Man oh Man can Kuma talk! Well anyways, I'm 5 and a half yrs old, and, unlike my sister, the destroyer, MY favourite thing is just to lean up against anyone who'll let me, and get cuddled. I mean, really, who cares about anything else - i tell you, it's all about the love. Second only to cuddles, is the squeakers. There's no such thing as another dog having a squeaker when i can hear or smell it. If i can fit it into my gob, it's mine! And you know the really great thing, when Mamma takes us to school, THERE'S A WHOLE BEACH BAG OF THEM!!!!! Just sitting there, for any smart newf like me to help themselves! Pretty cool huh? For me, that's the ONLY reason to go to school, i'd much rather sit under a nice big tree and chew on a squeaker, let Kuma do all the work, that's what i say!

Well, anyway, i guess we'd better take off for now, Mamma just waved the key thingies and asked the magic question "who's ready for the park", silly i ask you, as if ANY well bred newf needs to BE READY for the park!

Well, woofs and tail wags to everyone,

Kuma and Nooks