Monday, June 30, 2008

The Return Of Madam Stinky-Ear

Well dogs, i'm in trouble!!! The bacteria thingies are back and my ear is once again stinking up a storm and causing the mamma all sorts of grief. What's worse, the V.E.T. hospital will once again have to be visited! I heard the Mamma on the phone making an appointment with the V.E.T who did my ear wash, i'm going to be put back on the tablets - DOH !!!!!

At least I won't have to worry about it for another week, the mamma couldn't get me in before then

Until then, I remain (I hope) your fav newfalicious oz Newf

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's amazing how breakfast being dangled infront of ones newfy eyes can make one focus.....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm a big newf now !!!!!!!!!!!

Well dogs, it had to happen some time, the Mamma decided that no more playing in the juvie hall section of the school, it was time, shock horrors, to get serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I, Nannok of Oz, have been doing obedience now since october last year, and have been doing the classes sooooooo well, that the mamma decided to up the ante, whatever that means. She decided to let Kuma skip her class today, and, instead, put ME in that class, just to see how i'd cope. Well, apart from being desperate to join in the kindy class because THEY HAD ALL THE SQUEAKERS, i did really good. I even got to practice something called a "long distance stay", my first ever, and apart from getting up - i was left on a drop - i DIDN'T BREAK! The mamma was soooo super proud she gave me the biggest hug ever when she finally came out of the little club room the humans were all hiding in - i think they were conspiraring to hide all the bickies and squeakers personally, but apparently it was all part of the exercise, they had to hide, while we had to all stay put like little soldiers until they came back.

After that, the mamma took Kuma and I down to the local cafe for lunch, where we both got lots of hugs and cuddles from the peoples going by, some even stopped and asked the mamma if they could use their phones to have their pictures taken with us - we're celebridogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Camp Out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haroooo, the Mamma gave us a huge treat over the weekend, she came home from work on friday, much later than usual i might add, and came straight out in the backyard and called Nanook and I over, and said "girls, wanna go camping this weekend", well, Nanook and I looked at each other and it was unanimous - we jumped straight into the back of the car and gave the Mamma a look that said exactly what we were thinking "whatcha waiting for woman - let's get cracking!!!!"

It was sooooo much fun, she took us to a spot with a river, and kookaburras and kangaroos and EVERYTHING, it was awesome, we got three days (It was a long weekend here in oz) of nothing but getting muddy and slimy and swimming, yeeaaah !!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Who needs toys ????

Well, the mamma took Kuma and I for walkies in the park today, and we were sooooo excited about going walkies, because we didn't get to go yesterday because it was tooo wet for the Mamma, hmmmph i say, I LOVE THE WET, as any smart newf would. Well, people's you will never guess what happened at the park, go on, try, you never will. I was trotting around the park - i don't do the gallop like my sister - day dreaming about what new toy the mamma might buy for us, and guess what dogs, my dreams were answered!!! Some silly human didn't throw away their plastic bottle of water away properly - silly human, and when i picked it up to have a look at it, my breathe went into the funny little pipe thingy on the end, and the bottle made a sound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, you know me and squeakers, that was it, it was my brand new toy, and i went around the park showing all the people's my new toy!!! I got soooo many hugs and kisses on the nose, it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here i am looking for the people to show off my new toy to ....

Of Course, every squeaker serves only one purpose, to be chewed up and anihalated, which of course, is exactly what i did once i finished showing my new toy to everyone ....


Toy Boy Nanook, this bootylicous pic is for you (I think it's my best side, personally, even if i don't have the May West Swishing Hips of my big sis Kuma)