Monday, May 24, 2010

The Good Life

Look at this face, it is the face of one who is very very chilled and relaxed .....

As you can see from this most zen of facial expressions, I, Nanook, and my bis sis Kuma, have been very lucky in our mama meeting a new regular at the park who has just finished studying canine myotherapy - doggie massage !!!!!!!!!

Oh dogs, the joy, the joy, i love my massages sooooo much that I almost fall over from leaning so hard. We're lucky enough to get an hour long massage each, once a fortnight! We're supposed to be on a mat, but we can't decide who's lucky enough to get spoiled first, so usually whoever ends up waiting, takes over the mat. Young Bodhi, of course, while we're good girls and don't even need the lead, is on lead with the mama keeping him focused on her, while he stands up on the grooming table, but even he loooooves his massages, and he normally smothers our newf-found friend with slobbery kisses to say thank you when he's all finished!!!

Doggie Massages, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh