Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hey all in dog world, Bodhi here, as you can see, i'm getting to look more and more like my big old dad every day, i'm pushing the 40kg mark now, almost as heavy as my mamma, and not too far behind Kuma & Nooks !!!

Well, the Mamma and I went to dog school for our usual sunday morning start, and it turns out I did sooooo well, i'm going to be part of my very first puppy obedience demo-team, aroooooooo !!!!! The mamma was very very proud, and promptly went out and bought me a new squeaky, which of course, is now, sadly, no longer with us (it took Kuma and I 10 minutes before it was officially announce dead - a new record according to the mamma).

This demo should be lots of fun, i've never been part of one before, but I LOOOOVE school, so this should be great, plus it's all for a good cause - to raise money for the disaster relief for the people of Haiti. Nooks and Kuma have been to demos before, and they've given me the heads up that there's usually a sausage sizzle - double aroooooooo, plus an audible drip from the drool coming from both sizes of my mouth !!!!!!

Well, until next time, lots of newf kisses going out into the world from me, Bodhi, and of course, Kuma & Nooks