Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Diva Is Back In Town

Nanook here, Oh dogs I had the most awesome time ever, the Mamma took me to the Royal Melbourne Show, i've been before to compete in the show ring, but this year, i was there as a therapy dog on behalf of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, so i got all prettied up by the mamma, and got to get cuddled all day long, by the people and got all complimented by everybody about how pretty i was in my therapy dog vest, the mamma said i looked like a diva, cos i had my nose up and my eyes half shut and was just leaning up against everybody for cuddles, i tell you what though, it was very exhausting, i slept all the way home, the mamma said i even snored !!!!!

My First Swim !!!

Hey all in dog world, Bodhi here, aka wicked little monkey, guess what, i discovered the most totally awesome thing today ... water ponds!!!!!!!
The Mamma took me to a different part of the park today, and introduced me to ducks! Well, i took one look at them playing in the water and thought "If they can do it, so can I", and in i went, it was the best, but as you can see, i looked a bit like a drowned rat when the mamma finally convinced me to come back out !!!!